TraX Fleet Management and Personal Tracking System is feature rich software with a full array of services; enabling organizations manage their vehicle economically and efficiently.

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Service Model

The product model is targeted for companies willing to take the complete solution from us. The service model will be attractive for companies having relatively lower number of assets to track, or with pay as you go model. The control room will be located at our premises including required hardware and software. The client will be able to access, monitor and control the system through a web based client via internet.

On Premises Model

The product model is targeted for Companies willing to host the solution in-house. The control room will be located in their premises or their desired Data Centre will required hardware and software. This model will be effective for companies having large fleet or assets, and should capable of managing the infrastructure.

Service Provider Model

The product model is targeted for TraX Value Added Resellers willing to operate within a geographical region and want to provide TraX service to their own client base. In this model, the TraX can be hosted at VAR location or TraX Technical Control Centre or any other remote Data Centre.

Real Time Monitoring

Web based interface to monitor vehicles/assets in real time

  • User defined zone to view and locate all vehicles/assets in the zone in real time.
  • Filtering the displayed vehicles/assets based on user defined groups.
  • Viewing details of a single vehicle/asset on the map along with the nearby user defined POI (points of interest).
  • Automatic update of the position and details of the vehicles/assets.
  • Monitor a single vehicle/asset in real time with information such as speed, path of movement, distance from/to nearby locations.

Geo Fencing / Geo Tagging

Geo fence setup and automated monitoring (Alarms are raised when vehicles are out of user defined boundaries)

  • Send alert if the vehicle crosses the allocated geo-fence.
  • Send alerts if the vehicle does not stop on pre-defined pick-up point.
  • Provide alert if the vehicle stops for more than specified time at the pick-up point.


The fleet management system software has extensive reporting capabilities. Following reporting capabilities are included in the system.

  • Trip with distance travelled Report
  • Time elapsed Report
  • Speeding Report/Graph
  • Geo-fencing Reports (Vehicle/asset going outside an allocated geo-fence)
  • Daily/Monthly summary Report



Enhanced security for the commuters

Cost Optimization

Bringing down the maintenance cost


Validating exact routes taken by vehicles through replay facilities

Time Optimization

Reduced traveling time for employees, leading to employee satisfaction and increased productivity

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