Software as a Service (SaaS) Framework

Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software whatever you name it, IdeationTS has been delivering it for your business to grow in parallel with the technology advancement.

Delivering software or technology services as services promises speed, agility and scalability which will drive innovation and lower costs. A seasoned cloud consulting partner like IdeationTS helps you to decide on cloud solutions that truly reflect the needs of your business.

A constructive partnership with you to understand your ideas and nature of your business, adopting an organized and managed approach to utilize the most value from cloud options is what we aim at every business relationships we involve ourselves with.

IdeationTS offers cloud solutions, tailored for your specific requirements, built on top of a very advanced, feature-rich, secured and of course multitenant cloud computing foundation framework with following characteristics:


    Traditional applications generally restrict the number of users accessing the application. On the other hand, for SaaS applications there are no restrictions on the number of users provisioned to access the system and this number could be virtually unlimited. Here lies the usual characteristics of SaaS applications to be inherently scalable. Both the application and database must be scalable. We offer our SaaS customers to scale up and down based on optimal business usage of services and infrastructure through a smooth transition.


    All users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and codebase that is centrally managed in a hosted platform globally accessible in every corner of the globe. However, it is always an option to provision it as a private cloud within a defined network boundary. Privacy and separation of data is preserved and ensured digitally for each client and vendor, which is the bare minimum requirement every multitenant system must offer.
    The degree of isolation in SaaS architecture can vary significantly depending on business requirements. Each these three main approaches lies at a different position in the scale between isolation and sharing.
    Separate DB: It is the least preferred architecture as it is very much isolated, expensive and difficult to manage.
    Shared DB - Separate Schema: Moderately preferred design that reduces the infrastructure cost but involves a high maintenance cost.
    Shared DB – Shared Schema: Being the most preferred and modern approach, as DB and schema are shared, it reduces the infrastructure overhead and maintenance cost considerably.


    Pay-as-you-go model is the most convincing offering from SaaS solutions over traditional delivery models. It is the ability for each customer to easily customise applications to fit their business processes without affecting the common infrastructure or services. It offers high scalability, which gives customers the option to access more, or fewer, services or features on-demand. The way SaaS framework is designed, these specific customisations are unique to each customer or user and are always ensured across technology or solution upgrades. IdeationTS upgrades its technology and solutions more often, with minimum customer risk and very less adoption cost.


    Access to data and services from any networked device makes it easier to manage permissions and privileges, monitor usage, and ensure data-integrity.

    It is backed with SaaS integration platform to talk to other SaaS applications with point-and-click ease. Users’ identity gets verified with other identity provider services in SSO model. Services for a customer can be customized to integrate with other software using application programming interfaces (APIs).