The idea of real-time processing has been around for a while. With the development of internet of things and increasing availability of very large data from different domains, how to processing large amount real-time data has become a great challenge in today’s business and enterprises.

Enterprises embrace the vision to achieve the benefits it enables in oppose to traditional system or application environments, which were heavily oriented toward batch operations with extremely high latencies and incredibly expensive too. A number of powerful, amazing open source platforms have also emerged to change this technology practice.

Ideation technology practice lab has been continuously enhancing its proprietary application framework to support increasing demand of real-time processing with modern technology capabilities. One of the strength of this ecosystem is a rich array of available connectors specialized for receiving data from versatile sources. Adapters exist to make it straightforward to integrate with HDFS file systems. However, it is also possible to write a custom connection adaptor for a highly specialized application running within your system and plug-in with the framework easily.

Event capturing and processing in real time is one of its core competencies. It is a very scalable, superfast, fault-tolerant system, with a special focus on stream processing. This real-time processing framework architecture is based on the four layers of it, and hierarchical computing model to meet the real-time and heterogeneity requirements of such systems.