Transport Optimization

The Urban Transportation Integration Project (“Project”) aims to help the and develop strategies for traffic management and commuter convenience in the Metropolitan Areas. Initially the bus routes are targeted, which will then gradually spread across multiple modes of transport. The three apps, conceptualized currently will be used at various levels of the whole eco-system and these are described below.

Data Collection App: Surveyor use this app to capture the journey, select/feed route information. Adding to this surveyor also collect the boarding/alighting data (includes male/female count) and can review /amendment route

Driver App: The Driver app will be used for data generation. Drivers have in their dashboard-fixed-gadget-apps that determine their current position in terms of latitude and longitude and time.

Commuter App: Individual commuters uses this application to have a pictorial version of the map having the moving bus positions on real time and ETA of the selected bus

Crowd-Sourcing ETA App: The crowd sourcing app is also targeted for the mass. The real time location information of the different buses running in different routes is a necessary and sufficient input for the commuter app to show the real time locations and ETAs for the buses and routes.