Ideation to launch a child safety solution for schools, parents and children

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Cases of sexual abuse against children are constantly on the rise across the country. The latest one that got a lot of media attention is the molestation of a 4-year-old girl in a prominent South Kolkata school. There are huge protests across the city against the school and administration. These incidents have left parents of school going kids deeply concerned about the safety of their children who are not safe even in their schools. There is a constant fear in a parent’s mind while letting their children out of their sight.

To help worried parents and kids who are left helpless in front of predators, Ideation Technology Solutions has come with a solution. We have built a device that can be with the kids at all times (in the form of a badge or pendant or band). When in trouble, kids can press the panic button on the device. At once, an alarm will ring in the school control room (this control room will be setup by Ideation) who can at once rush to help. Simultaneous alert will also reach the parent’s mobile as an SMS and app notification informing them on the whereabouts of their child. Parents can also track their kid’s location through the mobile app on their phones that will be linked to their child’s device.

So far, we have received a lot of support from Parents and Schools alike and they are eagerly waiting for us to launch it. You can know more about this device and how it works in the video below. You can also visit to register your interest in knowing more about this solution.