Ideal Process

Business Process Automation Platform

Ideation has developed its own Business Process Automation platform named IdealProcess. Ideal-Process is a web-based, business process automation platform offered in SaaS mode. It allows its users to model their existing processes quickly, design the forms easily, deploy-instantiate-execute the processes seamlessly and analyse the processes ad-hoc.

On top of this, Ideal-Process offers KPI-Dashboards, Real-time Alerts, Access Control, External Data Integration and Content Management functionalities. Most importantly, everything is happening over the web in a SaaS framework, relieving the user from the cost of server maintenance and also from the headache of software installation and up-gradation. Process automation enhances speed and quality of the processes, while the reports & analytics provides visibility and control on the existing processes and identifies the potential bottlenecks for improvements. Ideal-Process provides all services under the same umbrella for a complete solution to the user.

How & Where does it fit into the Enterprise Stack

  • Domain Independent

    It’s a domain independent process orchestration platform
  • Storing

    It stores information related process only
  • External System

    Related data in external systems are updated in-place
  • EAI infrastructure

    It provides the necessary EAI infrastructure for non-intrusive coupling with external system
  • Works with existing software

    It does not replace but works in tandem with existing enterprise software suite e.g., CRM / ERP, etc


Role Based Org Chart

Proprietary state-of-the-art model to capture the organization chart, which is specially designed to suit BPM applications. The hierarchy is for task escalation which is an essential navigation model for BPM workflows. Parameterization is to create dynamic parent-child relationship between users with respect to task assignment and responsibilities for activities

Process Modeller

Integrated process modeller developed on RIA for the best user experience. The process modeller comes with in-built KPI / Alert designer, Project Planner to monitor progress against planned time-lines, Expression Builder for defining complex criteria for workflow navigation or for KPIs / Alerts


Simple and easy-to-use web-based portal for process instantiation and execution


Ideal-Process comes with an in-built dynamic form generator. Alternatively, it also provides a rich form creation library for custom form development. Tightly coupled with the process modeller to model the rendering states at different nodes. Consolidated view allows designer to see all the rendering states at different nodes in a single screen for validation before final deployment


The reporting module provides ways to create ad-hoc reports and analytics. This enables users to analyse the performances of different processes in real-time, identify the bottlenecks and optimize the processes for increased efficiency

Value Added Services

Expression Framework

Ideal-Process has an expression framework in its core containing a builder, parser and evaluation engine. This adds the capability of defining complex expressions easily which can be used in workflow navigation criteria / alert rule, etc

Rendering Simulator

Using this feature, users will be able to simulate the process model before deploying it in the production environment

Ad-hoc Reporting

Completely ad-hoc reporting mechanism is inbuilt and available to the users through a very user friendly interface. Users will be able to design report templates and fire the reports with specific parameters, also.

Real Time Alerts

Alerts can be defined and recipients can be configured who needs to be notified in real-time in certain situations

Data Integration

Seamless integration facility available with the software enabling data communication through various protocols (REST, SOAP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc). Also, data communication could be done in synchronous and asynchronous mode

KPI Dashboards

Ideal-Process allows users to define KPIs and these KPIs can be saved to form a dashboard.

Technical Architecture

The KBPM Infrastructure provides a ready-to-use configuration platform and framework for developing document oriented business process applications. On top of that, this platform provides model document workflow templates to get started on a custom solution development, with zero ramp-up time.

Key Components:

  • Multi-tenancy Model Architecture -- KBPM Multi-Tenancy Framework (SaaS)
  • Membership and Role Management -- MEMBERSHIP/Access-Control Framework
  • Workflow Foundation -- A combination of widely used Process Engine, Process Modeller, Process Runtime and Rule Engine.
  • Document repository foundation -- A pluggable Document Repository backend Foundation.
  • Reporting -- A Reporting Engine to build specific report templates based on the client's business data model and provide scheduled/on-demand reporting capability to the client
  • Data Analytics – Integrated Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Tool

So WHY Ideal Process ?

User Friendly Dashboard

Process level or Global

Real-time Alerts

E-mail and/or SMS

Role-based Access Control

Parameterized and Hierarchical

Content Management

In-built document database

Wants to automate your Business ?