To know more about Ideal CRM

Account Management

Complete post sale account management system from re-assignment to renewal

Customer History

Complete customer sale history available at a glance to support sale process

Automatic Account Movement

System automatically moves the accounts into different stages namely – Educate, Nurture, Renew and Upsell based on time from Invoice Date

Automated Mailers

Ideal CLM is a tool which sends automated mails to the customers at each and every stage of throughout lifecycle


Successful adoption of a product by a customer after sales is a single most important factor determining repeat sales in case of a SaaS product. This phase starts immediately after purchase and lasts for about a month. During this period, customer success managers need to ensure customer comfort in product usage


It is important to maintain relation with a customer and the same can be achieved by means of regular follow-ups at defined touch points during a customer’s life. Agents are prompted to follow up with the customers at different stages within the lifecycle


Timely reminder to a customer with a soon to expire license is key to ensure renewal. This tool presents each agent with a prioritized list of customers. Priority is based on an account’s past sales record and its potential buying capacity.


Regular communication with the customer increases the possibility of upsell to a large extent. Agents are aware of customer’s needs and can easily use this knowledge to upsell.

Reduce Error

Scope of error reduced with cases moving between stages automatically

Be in touch

Helps you to be in touch with customers through regular automated mailers

Manage Relations

Smoothly manage and monitor post sales relationships with your customers

Increase Revenue

Streamline your renewals and increase your upsells