Manage Channel Partners

To know more about Ideal-Channel

Manage Leads

This tool allows both vendor and channel partners to create and manage leads on the go. Accounts with multiple contact information can be created within the tool and the same can be assigned to multiple levels of channel partners for the rest of the sales cycle

Track Progress

Both vendor and channel partner can create multiple opportunities associated with a single account. These opportunities can then be tracked by channel managers by means of the status associated with each opportunity

Manage Partners

Multi-level channels can be created within the tool. Vendor can have multiple partners and each such partner can further have his own set of partners and so on. Channel managers can control the access privileges for partners under them

Close Sales

The tool can be used to track and manage the entire sales cycle including follow up alerts and complete comment history. From contact to lead to opportunity to win – the entire lifecycle of an account can be tracked and managed within the system

Contact Management

Multiple contacts associated with a single account can be stored within the tool. There is a primary contact and multiple secondary contact details can be saved. Contacts can be added one at a time or via bulk file upload

Prospect Relationship Management

The tool helps sales people to establish a robust relationship with their prospects with the help of features such as follow-up reminders and comment history details. The complete relationship with an account is captured by the tool in detail with information available for each touch point

Inside and Field Sales

Ideal Channel is equally helpful for inside and field sales guys. Inside sales can plan their day’s work with the help of follow-up section and use the rich comment history section to aid communication with prospects. Field sales do not have to spend hours documenting their day’s efforts, instead simple forms can be filled with basic information to capture the essence.

Follow-up reminders

Provides a daily list of follow-ups with color codes representing past, present and upcoming follow-ups

Multi-level Channel Management

Channel partner accounts can be created at multiple levels. This comes in handy for vendors who maintain a hierarchy of partners

Complete Sales Cycle

Multiple opportunities can be associated with a single account and each opportunity can be associated with a set of status



Easy to use interface with minimum input effort required by sales


Data captured here can be easily connected to analytics


Sales can access the tool on the move


Data can systematically be exported to excel