To know more about Ideal Campaign

Contact Management

Contacts can be added and arranged in different groups. Contacts can be edited and removed if required.

Campaign Management

Campaigns can be created, previewed, edited and / or removed. All actions to be tracked can be configured on the campaign. Email template can be created using built-in editor.

Lead Management

Contacts can be selected; actions to be tracked can be defined; email template can be created and sent to selected contacts.

Reporting & Click-Through Analytics

All actions taken by users on the email those are tracked and stored. Reports for individual campaign along with analysis of the data are shown in graphs and tabular form and can be downloaded as PDF


Contacts can be added, modified, deleted. Groups can be created and managed systematically. Duplicate contacts can be easily managed.


Campaigns can be created, previewed, configured, displayed, edited and deleted. Simple and convenient built-in editor for easy template making.


Single campaign can be re-used and sent to multiple groups. API support available to automate sending e-mails.


The Forward to a Friend form can be configured, Google Analytics can be integrated and emails can be shared in social networks very easily.