Data Mining is mining Data for relations and rules or put in different way – the information. Techniques are limitless and there is no dearth of companies having their data mining methods which they use as generic solution for all branches of industry and lines of Business.

Ideation TS asserts their best practice in Data Mining through a methodological approach, [process algorithmic approach] where processes are not single-thread path, but combines the ‘forest approach’ , running parallel so that inputs and inter-connected systems can be combined to bring out the final output.

Advanced Mathematical techniques and Statistical techniques coupled up by different State-of-the-art process techniques create framework of ‘Ideation Ts’s framework. Instead of going for a generic product or solution Ideation TS uses the core/plug-in approach for every LOB solutions.

The Process

The salience and uniqueness of IdeationTS process is the use of analytics repeatedly in various stages of Data Mining: The process algorithm is broadly on these lines:


Classifying existing (Big) Data set through classifications from various view-points and angles


Create As-Is Data cubes with those categories


The same data is then reclassified with respect to a next set of categorization, cubes are again formed. The (Big)Data is thus categorized with all possible categorizations


Inferences from each such set of categorisation and “Cubes” are then separately noted and saved with separate threads in a working “Engine” like structure [with different active sub-directories or hierarchic directories], these inferences are mapped with the triggers and causes complete with the thread identity