Business now is the “Green Practice” realized in concrete. The spirit of Business is now the Speed- the speed of thought decides the speed of transaction. Any intermediate media to conduct business inhibits growth as it inhibits optimization.

Businesses are processes, processes that connect transactions with stakeholders beyond mere transacters. Every transaction now interests and concerns many. The information must transpire to all interested parties the moment transactions are taking place- This can only happen if every process running within the Enterprise is automated and requires least human intervention, the transactions are guaranteed, fault-insulated and secured.

Ideation TS does have a special framework and methodology to create, integrate, maintain and change processes to suit the strategic and tactical change managements.

Business Process Automation can only be undertaken by experts who can integrate business, technology and industry wisdom.

Helping companies “GO-ing Green” without paper, without perishable documentation and unnecessary storage of archives, and helping them to follow rule based engine driven processes automatically triggered by events and impetuses is the forte of Ideation TS.