Ideal-Analytics for Banking

Individual retail transaction – from micro to macro study Banks generate data. Every transaction in a bank deals with some money is transacted between consenting parties. The identity of the parties, their authenticity, and their capability of transactions need to be vetted first. After the transaction completes this data adds up to mark their transaction behavior,

Ideal-Analytics for Healthcare

Health-care is the one of the fastest developing service industry that serves the client based on the information collected from them. Information about people, about patients, about diseases, treatments, medicines, methods, pathological tests, diagnosis results and process, materials, nutrition charts, demographic study reports, regulatory standards, prices and availability of products and competitive information.

Ideal-Analytics for Governing

Governing is a serving and ruling act done through monitoring, managing, creating projects and allocating resources to meet the needs of Development- the associated and equally important task is to maintain the base and augment the desired points. Measurement of these is done through devising measures and metrics available from the data and following the change of these metrics.

Ideal-Analytics for Marketing

“IDEAL-ANALYTICS” is an IDEAL tool for Market analysis. Data sets from various campaigns on different but similar products/services from various sources with differing formats and unrelated data sets can be brought together and analysed on unified dashboards and compared and depicted in trend results through animation and running and changing data values.

Ideal-Analytics for SME

Small & Medium Business endeavors run on competitive profit margins but are very appropriate in every sense – in productivity, in optimum usage of factor inputs, in order procurement and distribution, in inventory holding, in aggressive marketing, in usage of space and energy consumption, in management overhead, in Capital investment, in customer retention and service.

Ideal-Analytics for Transportation & Logistics

Transportation is moving and carrying goods and passengers from Point A to B. It costs to do so, because it expends energy in so doing. Carrier enterprises undertake this service and earn their livelihood. Passengers and goods owners pay for the service. Energy providers and vehicle manufacturers and maintainers take a portion of the payment and run their business.