Structured queries are simple to answer and get the results from data.

The challenge is to ‘structure’ the queries:

  • What are the ‘measures’?
  • What parameters should qualify the ‘measures’?
  • What functions need to be associated with ‘measures’?
  • What would be the boundary values?
  • How should the results be arranged in orders and groups?
  • How should be the results be fed into subsequent queries?
  • How should these results be depicted in terms of sequences and progressions?

And there are other questions, more so when the data is unstructured. Analysts do not know when what questions would bother them, but they would like to have them resolved.

ADHOC analytics is that Science that has evolved through zillions of practices, through pitfalls and successes and thus can be formatted by experts; these should be usable by analysts of every skill level.

IDEATION empowers customers and equips them with her products and solutions. We develop solutions and customized product based on our all-purpose analytics flagship product [IDEAL ANALYTICS]. That is our proposition.

Need a help in Business Processing through analytics

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